Gum Disease and Tooth Loss

Gum Disease and Tooth Loss 

A beautiful smile is dependent on healthy gums. Gums anchor the teeth to the jaw bone, so gum health is vital. Gum disease is a primary cause of tooth loss. Alhambra Dental Plaza provides the oral hygiene treatments that safeguard smiles from tooth loss. Dr. Han Do educates on ways to prevent gum disease, and he reverses existing gum disease.

Gingivitis causes and cures

Everybody’s mouth is full of bacteria, and these germs thrive on sugar. If a sugar-laden diet is part of a person’s lifestyle, germs will thrive and produce an acidic substance that causes tooth decay. Accumulation of bacteria also results in the formation of tartar, a stubborn film that can grow underneath the gum line. Tartar creates a gum disease called gingivitis. Symptoms of gingivitis include bleeding gums and bad breath.   

A dental hygienist can reverse gingivitis. A professional cleaning removes tartar, a procedure called tooth scaling. Gum health can be restored when gingivitis is promptly treated. Proper brushing and flossing also prevent the return of gingivitis. 

Treatment of Periodontitis is Crucial

If gingivitis is not caught it its earliest stages, then a more serious gum disease develops called periodontitis. Periodontitis signifies the spread of bacteria to the root of the tooth.  The bacteria cause inflammation, a condition that deteriorates the tooth root, the jaw bone, and causes the gums to separate from the tooth. It is crucial to receive treatment immediately, or tooth loss will likely result.

A dental professional will clean out the deep pockets where bacteria are harbored. A procedure called root planing is performed. Root planing removes all build upon the root so the gums can reattach and provide protection to the tooth.

An advanced periodontal disease may require surgery. Dental lasers can remove infected tissue in the gums. A pocket reduction is another surgical procedure used to restore gum health. The dentists fold back the gums and remove the tartar.

Alhambra Dental Plaza for Preventive Care

Dr. Han Do is dedicated to protecting the welfare of your smile. Alhambra Dental Plaza offers preventive care to give you a durable smile. Give his offices in Sacramento a call to learn how we can help you retain a healthy smile.  

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